The first word I think of when thinking about Barb Bogle is Angel. I walk into a meeting with her, broken, lost, and hopeless, and leave with such hope. It is not just a job for her. She really loves, not just my son, but my whole family. I thank God every day that we have her in our lives.

Christine Friel

Mother of Four

Barb is so great in creating a warm, friendly environment. She helped us to realize our potential of being firm and loving parents.  Barb’s courses truly have had a positive impact on our family.

Foster and Linda Mays


I highly recommend Barb Bogle’s “Love and Logic” class! Barb provides a nurturing environment in which to explore the everyday challenges of parenting. Your children will learn to resolve their own conflicts and become more self reliant. And you will learn invaluable parenting tools that you can depend on for years to come!

Louise Dusinberre

Mother of Two Boys

I have known Barb as a teacher, guidance counselor, child advocate, advisor, colleague and friend.  In the past six years, we have worked together closely.  I have seen Barb’s dedication, professionalism, caring, and knowledge of her field on a daily basis.  Barb is a problem solver extraordinaire and has fabulous insights into family dynamics. Her personality, experience, skills, and character help families to function in a healthy way and help children achieve success in school and in life.

Phyllis Rohn